the view from now/downtown parkade
Site-specific sound-performance, incorporating a car, a rented PA system, a generator and a view.
New Westminster is a city to the west of Vancouver. Along the riverfront, above Front Street is a parkade. The structure was built in the late 50s to encourage shoppers to drive to New West. When I visited New West in October 2008, the parkade was in a state of neglect. I found out that it had been used as a set for TV shows and movies. It is easily accessible from the Skytrain.

The parkade is visible on the left hand side of the image. Also visible are train tracks, some riverside parking, the river and in the distance, three of the bridges that traverse it. There are parking spaces beneath the parkade and it is on 'stilts' (or pilotis in architectural parlance) because it straddles Front Street.

I created an improvised soundtrack for the view from the parkade on a Saturday afternoon. The sound was amplified through a PA system which was powered with a generator.

This work was created for the exhibition The sound I'm looking for (part 1) at the Charles H. Scott gallery, Vancouver, October 2008. My participation in the exhibition was supported by Culture Ireland. The show was curated by Cate Rimmer.
On the left, the Downtown Parkade. On the right, in the distance, the Skytrain bridge.