three soundtracks/architectural space
Acrylic, aluminium, mirror, 3 looped audio pieces, 3 audio players, 3 sets of headphones,
3 printed images, cables, 3 pieces of original Central Bank furniture designed by Sam Stephenson.
Many of Irish architect Sam Stephenson's designs were controversial at the time of their construction. One of his most famous buildings, located on Dame St. in Dublin, houses the Irish Central Bank. Initially constructed thirty feet higher than permitted by planning permission, it was adjusted following a court case.

In 2006, a friend told me that much of the furniture which Stephenson had designed specifically for the building had been sold, because the decision had been made to refurbish the meeting rooms. This information became a key point of reference for certain works in framework/rupture and specifically this piece.

three soundtracks/architectural space comprises three collages, hosted in a viewing structure and experienced as reflections in a large hexagonal mirror. Each image is accompanied by a soundtrack on headphones. Two of the soundtracks feature a recorded voice performing a script, while the third is abstract sound, repetitive and harmonic.

The collages are based on images of the Central Bank building by architectural photographer Norman McGrath which were photocopied from reproductions in architectural magazines.
Images courtesy Ros Kavanagh Photographer.