Site-specific sound-performance.
There is a skywalk in downtown Columbus which runs from Nationwide Parking Garage, across Front Street, through One Nationwide Plaza(1977), a huge tower owned by an insurance company, across North High Street and then Nationwide Street, before finally exiting at the point where the Hyatt Hotel (1980) meets Peter Eisenman's Greater Columbus Conference Centre(1993). The conference centre was hosting a science-fiction convention (with a steampunk theme) the night of the performance, so conference delegates, some of whom were in costume, drifted through the skywalk from time to time over the course of the piece.

Produced to accompany Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven by Bureau for Open Culture at CCAD, Columbus. Curated by James Voorhies.

TIMEPLACE was advertised by word of mouth and with flyers.

The title TIMEPLACE relates to the work of Kevin Lynch.
All images above taken from video documentation of the performance by Greg Browe.