the here and now/crystalline space
Video sculpture. Analogue video monitor, acrylic, two-way mirror acrylic, DVD (SD, 4:3 with stereo soundtrack), DVD player, headphone amp, headphones, cables, screws and custom acrylic headphone hook.
Physically, this piece consists of a monitor sitting on the floor and tilted at 45 degrees, with a shiny black acrylic tube attached to and supported by it. At the upper end of the tube, facing the viewer, is a two-way mirror. A pair of headphones hanging on the wall indicate where the viewer should position themselves in relation to the piece.

Standing close to it, listening to the soundtrack, what is visible alternates between two states. When the monitor is blank, the viewer sees themselves reflected in the mirror surface. However, on the appearance of a video image, this reflection disappears and their attention is redirected to the screen at the bottom end of the tube and the kaleidoscopic reflections it produces in the glossy surfaces of the tube's interior.

The work was shown as part of the group show Compendium at Temple Bar Gallery from August to September, 2009.
Image just above courtesy Ros Kavanagh Photographer..
The top images show the work installed at Temple Bar Galleries.