The Face of Something New
Scripted performance for two performers, , issue #30 of Scriptings, audio recordings, transparencies and various media technologies - soundfile, iPod, active speaker, overhead projector, vinyl record, Technics 1210 turntable.
From the invite:

"In his book What time is this place?, American urban theorist Kevin Lynch coins the term timeplace, which he describes as 'a continuum of the mind'. He discusses our sense of time and in particular, our sense of being in a particular time. Timeplace has to do with this sensation and the way in which one's environment might or might not reinforce it.

In November 2011, McNulty presented the scripted performance The Eyes of Ayn Rand at Performa 11 in New York. The Face of Something New follows on from this piece, attempting to synthesize a timeplace - unpicking relationships between words, images, gestures, media and physical space - and reconfiguring these elements in relation to the spatial specificities of the Scriptings showroom in Berlin, Wedding."


WOMAN: Heather Frasch.
MAN: Oliver Miller.

With thanks to Achim Lengerer & Stephen Hennelly.
Issue #30 of Scriptings.
Night vision images are from the video documentation.
All other images by Achim Lengerer.