Space replaced by volume
Three large colour laser printed posters (4572mm x 3048mm in total), mild steel and screws.
While on residency at Brown University in early 2011, I discovered an article in the November 1969 edition of Progressive Architecture, which presents the results of some research into space-station design. The project was a collaboration between the astronautical engineers at Grumman Aerospace and architects Warner, Burns, Toan & Lunde, who were designing Brown University's Sciences Library (SciLi) around the same time.

Space replaced by volume presents a fragment of the Progressive Architecture article enlarged to architectural scale. The title refers to a standard adopted by the architects and astronautical engineers, in order to avoid possible confusion as a result of differences in their interpretations of the word 'space'.

Commissioned by The John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Produced while in residence at the Perry and Marty Granoff Centre for the Arts, Brown University. The residency was supported by Culture Ireland as part of Imagine Ireland, a Year of Irish Arts in America 2011.

Curated by Ian Russell.