skytrain/monospan twin ride
Sound, audio player, headphones, custom wall-mounted acrylic bookholder, screws and
a copy of The Door to a Secret Room: A portrait of Wells Coates.
A book open to a page describing Welles Coates' 1957 proposal for a monorail system for Vancouver. There is an accompanying soundtrack presented on headphones. A calm modulated female voice is layered to produce a portrait of the Skytrain, Vancouver's metro system.

The voice is that of Karen Kelm, who was employed by BC Transit when the Skytrain was built for Expo '86. Kelm had some theatre experience, and so was asked to record the station announcements for the transit system. While in Vancouver in 2008, I tracked her down and she agreed to help me make this work. I asked her to listen to a collage of recordings I had made of the Skytrain and its surroundings a couple of days earlier, and to describe what she could hear. The final audio mix layers several recordings of her descriptions.

The soundtrack was produced for the exhibition The sound I'm looking for (part 1) at the Charles H. Scott gallery, Vancouver, October 2008. Supported by Culture Ireland.
Curated by Cate Rimmer.

skytrain/monospan twin ride was shown in the group show Timespace at the Burren College of Art from August to September 2009. Curated by Martina Cleary and Jerome O'Drisceoil.