Some feeling of living in today
Site-specific performance.
18th August 2012.
A site-specific performance following a pre-planned route through the University of East Anglia, Norwich, England, commissioned for Chapter 1 of Jerusalem.

On the outdoor stage just outside the Music Department ...

... a series of texts on cards drawn from a discussion on an on-line forum. A prospective student poses a question concerning the aesthetics of the UEA campus.

Along a trajectory connecting five locations ...

... a procession through the campus. At each of the designated locations, we paused. A question for the campus amplified through a megaphone. A response, also played through the megaphone - a fragment of Stockhausen's Plus-Minus, reflected off the surfaces of the surrounding buildings.

On the grassy area between the Ziggurats and the Broad...

... a batch of concrete mixed using water drawn from the broad. There was enough to fill a small mould, which was broken open in London the following evening, when the concrete had had time to cure.

Some feeling of living in today was kindly supported by Outpost Gallery, Norwich.

Curated by Claire Feeley and Ciara Moloney.
Special thanks to Stefan Muthesius.
Map image Google Maps and Terrametrics.
Photos courtesy Outpost Gallery, Norwich, Francesco Pedraglio and Cara Tolmie.