Projected from first principles
Installation. Two synchronised HD projections with sound, mild steel,
3 two-way mirrored glass panels, mylar & sound.
A mild steel and two-way mirror glass structure in the centre of a totally dark room. Two projections alternate. One shows a person seated at a table gesturing and is projected onto one of the walls in the space, which is tilted off the vertical. The other, which is shot from the passenger seat of a car travelling through a highway junction, is projected onto one of the two-way mirror panes. The latter video is repeated in a series of crystalline reflections of reflections in the two-way mirrors. The former is accompanied by a low rumbling soundtrack which builds to a crescendo before cutting abruptly to silence when the image disappears.

Projected from first principles was created while on a residency at The Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh in early 2010 and exhibited as part of the group show Nothing is impossible which was curated by Mark Garry and Georgina Jackson.
Images courtesy The Mattress Factory.