Acrylic, images, aluminium, screws, soundtrack, audio player, headphones
and custom acrylic headphone hook.
A sculptural armature holds a series of 48 images. The images are mounted at an angle from the backplate so that the viewer is presented with a different image sequence depending on which direction they walk in. In effect, they edit the image sequence by walking back and forth in front of the piece.

The soundtrack is presented on headphones and concerns a performer who can look at an image and hear what the photographer would have heard when the photograph was taken. The performer can transmit this sound image to his audience telepathically. The performance consists of looking at an image sequence and generating a flow of sound which is telepathically transmitted to the audience.

There are two versions of this work. The first (pictured left) uses images from the book 20th Century Architecture, Ireland (Prestel, 1997). The second uses a series of images of various 'locations'.

Version two of this piece was shown at
Our need for consolation is impossible to satiate
in November 2009, which was curated by Helen Carey.
Image by Mary Cremin.