Another Construction
Site-specific performance incorporating soundtrack and aleatoric structure
(dice, timber, plywood, marmoleum, screws, adhesive, aluminium and labour).
A five day long performance project in the grounds and environs of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham (RHK), the building which houses the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA).

The week began with the fabrication of thirty-three wooden modules in a disused commercial unit in Heuston South Quarter (HSQ), a partially completed mixed-use development next door to the RHK and IMMA. Later in the week, the completed modules were transported to a site in front of the Garden House in the RHK's Baroque gardens and assembled into an aleatoric structure. A dice was thrown each time a module was added to the structure, to determine which of the three module types would be used next.

At the end of the week a series of components were conjured to create a scenario resembling a hybrid of historical/architectural tour and film shoot. Elements included; a skeleton film crew consisting of camera, sound and director; spectators who simultaneously served as unwilling extras; a series of four locations in the grounds of the RHK and its Baroque gardens; a trajectory connecting these locations and terminating at the aleatoric structure; a series of sound elements amplified through the director's megaphone; and a performer who gestured and perambulated in response to the sound elements and the site, following directions and leading the crowd.

The project was produced with reference to the work of German sculptor Ulrich Ruckriem and his Barn in Clonegal, Co. Wexford, the printed works of Baroque architect/garden designer Batty Langley, and architects O'Donnell+Tuomey's pavilion, a collaboration with painter Brian Maguire which was sited in the courtyard of RHK when IMMA opened in 1991.

Commissioned by IMMA
for the IMMA 20th anniversary performance season.

Curated by Sean Kissane.

With Thanks to Louise Harrington.
Image just above courtesy Ros Kavanagh Photographer.
All other images document the final performance. Camera: Fionn Kidney.